Course Starts in January 2021
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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Why you should choose the Yoga1
300 hour Yoga Teacher Training?


  1. Bridging ancient wisdom with modern science

  2. Focused on creating exceptional & versatile yoga teachers

  3. Strong yoga values

  4. Highly Knowledge teachers

  5. Teaching Placement at our studio

  6. Planning for the future (personal, business, marketing planning)

  7. Bridging the philosophy with modern life

  8. Multi-style classes study and practice

  9. 5 finished and ready to use class sequences



Yoga1’s 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training is for the aspirant yogi who wants to have the best start in becoming a teacher, deepening their knowledge in authentic yoga, progressing in their seniority levels, and have a more intimate understanding of yoga as a whole.


 With this course, you will have the knowledge and experience in designing (multiple) classes for different levels and styles (from beginner to advanced classes; from calm to power yoga). We will take you through a vast and diverse array of different practices; we will analyse it, deconstruct and re-assemble those practices with your input. We will provide you with a wholistic classical knowledge.


Together we will work on how to become an exceptional yoga teacher, having a clear personal and professional plan so you have a clear direction.


This is a course which prepares you for the world of teaching yoga and for your personal yoga journey and self-introspection .



Investment: £3000

£500 Deposit

£2500 by 1st September