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Welcome Yogi,


We are very pleased you want to join our Yoga1 family.

You have made a great decision, not only for yourself but also for your relationships; which improve as you continue to practice and you become more and more aware of your body, mind and emotions. You can read further on the Benefits of yoga here.


We teach various styles of yoga at the studio, two of which are beginner friendly. Here you will find out about the various classes we teach at yoga1.

And here you will find all the steps you need to register on our website, download our app and access all our content. 

Introduction Offers
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Benefits of Yoga

- Decrease heart rate and blood pressure
- Improves cardio-respiratory efficiency
- Improves exercise tolerance
- Balances autonomic nervous system
- Modifies coronary artery disease risk factors
- Reversal of heart disease
- Improves dexterity and strength
- Promotes physical fitness
- Increases in alpha rhythm, inter-hemispheric coherence and homogeneity in the brain
- Increased concentration 
- Improves the quality of sleep
- Reduction of anxiety, depression and mood disturbance
- Alters brain blood flow and brain metabolism
- Reduces stress
- Become aware of your body, emotions and mind
- Improve your dietary habits
- Relax your whole body
- Slowing down the breath, making it quiet and deep
- Calm down your mind and focus inwardly
- Improve the flow of healing 'pranic life energy'
- fortify yourself against omnipresent stressors
- Increase your resilience and self-confidence
- Facilitate natural elimination of wastes

Styles: What we teach here at yoga1
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The introductions offers are ideal for you to discover what we offer here at our studio.


Yoga Arambha (Beginners)

Yoga Sthira (Calm & Gentle)

Yoga Kirya (Movement - Beginner Friendly)

Yoga Asana (Held Postures)

Yoga Virya (Power)

Yoga Cikitsa (Therapeutic)


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Teacher Training

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Download our Yoga1 App (powered by Wix)

The best way for you to book your classes, access your account, chat to us directly, check our blog, etc is with our own app - powered by Wix.


Get set in 7 easy steps:

1. go to your app store

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5. Join by Invitation

6. Insert the code: C4ZYR6

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Hurra! :)


Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hours

Why become a yoga teacher?

Yoga is an art and science. Whom does yoga fall in love with the practices. Studying yoga normally comes of this natural curiosity in this ancient way of seeing the inside and outside world. 


Studying yoga is mostly about studying yourself. Discovering simple techniques which modern western science is now rediscovering and pass it to the next generations. 


It is not all about teaching though, certainly not only about practising to do the splits. It is about learning to live; learning to deal with what life throws at us; learning to love life in what it is and learning to learn how to make the most of this opportunity of witnessing how things manifest; an opportunity to do something for others, society and the natural world, starting with ourselves. 



Why you should choose the Yoga1
300 hours Yoga Teacher Training?


  1. Bridging ancient wisdom with modern science

  2. Focused on creating exceptional & versatile yoga teachers

  3. Strong yoga values

  4. Highly Knowledge teachers

  5. Teaching Placement at our studio

  6. Planning for the future (personal, business, marketing planning)

  7. Bridging the philosophy with modern life

  8. Multi-style classes study and practice

  9. 5 finished and ready to use classes

  10. The course is more complete and currently 25% cheaper than other courses (Time/Price)

  11. 10 months of intense learning

Learning Topics:
  • Self-focus and self-practice

  • Personal development

  • Yoga postures: deconstruction & reconstruction

  • Yoga postures: variations & modifications

  • Yoga postures: adjustments

  • Yoga Postures: Working with props

  • Sequencing a class

  • Sanatan Yoga Sequences:

    • Hathenas

    • Loma-viloma

    • Rishikesh Suriya Namaskar

    • Aruna Suriya Namaskar

    • Vedic Suriya Namaskar

  • Pranayama

  • Pratyahara techniques

  • Nada yoga (chanting, mantra and sound)

  • Philosophy: Study of key yoga texts and concepts

  • Schools of yoga and their teachings

  • Anatomy & Physiology 

  • Common injuries & conditions

  • Teaching skills, public presentation & ethics

  • Business skills & health and safety



Investment >
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FAQs >
Find some further information on our
Frequently Asked Questions section.

For further information or to talk to someone relating our Yoga Teacher Training, please call Marcio: 07525165235