It is always advisable to get some private yoga classes. This will allow you to progress faster and in a safer way. 

You will also find your style of yoga adjusted to your needs. 


 Yoga1-2-1 private classes


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Did you Know?


Marcio, apart from yoga, is Fully Qualified in Beauty and Aesthetics,

Gym Instruction, Sports Therapy, Voice and Public Presentation!

More than 20 years of study in music, beauty therapy, aesthetics, anatomy and physiology, yoga and more, gave Marcio a big insight on public presentation and how our body and mind works.   Read more >


Yuvenis is Marcio's baby. A combination of all his knowledge and skills.


Yuvenis offers diverse treatments from holistic and remedial massage to facial and skin treatments, hair removal, and much more.


If you are looking for a relaxing time or a specific treatment, Marcio and Yuvenis can most likely help.   Visit Yuvenis for more information >