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November 13, 2017

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Small Bio


Prajnananda, Marcio, is co-founder of the Yoga1 Studios (yoga1.co.uk), a studio which reflects Marcio's learnings on more traditional and 'wholistic' - a wholly encompassing holistic approach to the teachings of the Gitananda Tradition and Sanatan Yoga.  


Without compromising, being a gentle beginner or advanced class, his teachings, flows and held postures, are focused on the inner strength of the mind by using our body as the divine tool with which we were gifted.


Prajnananda has a background in classical singing which further helps him to experience yoga as an art, and everything as a manifestation of energy and sound. His expressive yoga practice is a reflection of this. 


Prajnananda also has a level 2 gym instructor and a level 4 Sports Therapy diploma which provides him with a good insight into the workings of the body and its complex processes. 


Following in his teachers' inspiration in acknowledging yoga as the matter of all sciences, Prajnananda is further deepening his interest and knowledge into the fields of psychology and neuroscience and bridging the ancient wisdom of the yoga practices with modern research. 


More than just the physical practice on its own, it is the jnana (wisdom) of yoga that makes Prajnananda excited and willing to devote his time to defend an all-encompassing yoga practice as the best suited and already proved practice to deal with the ups and downs of our complex, multilayered being.





Marcio on himself


Hi! My name is Marcio and, like you, I'm a yoga lover!



My story is like many others. Have heard it was all a bit strange until I had my first taste of incense,. singing bawls and a fabulous practice! 


I started practising yoga though I was quite irregularly. Much better going to Zumba and body (bum) pump! Oh yes!


Five years ago, I joined my local yoga studio and decided to take it more seriously. So I started my daily practice. Best decision ever!


I was starting to have symptoms of lower back pain because of my job as a therapist. I thought I was quite strong! I was lifting weight for 2.5 hours a day! Gosh! How wrong I was?! I was weak, weak, weak; concentrating on my big pecs and tights, which I didn't need at all, and neglecting my endurance muscles, or the ones who have to work all the time to keep you up and moving smoothly.


I was tight on my back, I was tight on my legs, I was tight on my neck - I was tight everywhere! - and was living the false satisfaction of having big arms, chest and legs. I had a nice bum!...


I was spending my time stuffing myself with food, until I was about to throw up, to get bigger. Six eggs a day, minced meat, pasta, chicken and broccoli... I was a dinosaur! I was pressuring myself to be the size of a gorilla to feel accepted, compensating for the fact that I've always been the shortest and skinniest kid in my school class! Poor me!



With perseverance and time, yoga did its wonders, and I barely noticed it! Immediately I stopped having physical problems. I also stopped pursuing the big muscles fanatism and stopped pouting on my social media pics. I lost a bit of weight, felt more energised, felt less pressure and generally felt better and more in control of myself.


I loved yoga so much that I started going to classes twice a day! Sometimes three! Came out of one addiction just to find a better one! And, like many other teachers, I enrolled in my first course because I wanted to learn more about yoga and to be able to pass all the good it did for me.


After my first course... I felt I needed more. Yoga is so vast, and there was so much more to learn. Surely was not all about the perfect pose and its name. 


My second course was a revelation. I found out that this ancient wisdom is all about. Today we might call it psychology, sociology, astronomy, history, physical education, mindfulness, and more. Yoga has it all and all nicely wrapped in a simple educational package anyone can understand and use.


Yoga is all about the mind. It makes sense! My brain processes everything, each move, each pose, each emotion, each breath. My mind needs to be ready for what life throws at it. Here is a non exaustive lint: Overload of sensory information, social pressure, personal expectations, stress with work, family, having to make time for all my friends, eat well, do exercise, buy this, same money for that, more, more, more!... Perfect posture!Don'tt you even start me on that one!


They say yoga calms the mind... and breath!... 


I understood why I was not feeling the need to have big muscles anymore. I realised that my life and my decision depend on me alone and that I have the ultimate choice. I was stronger, less dependent and with a life plan! My mother stills think I'm mad!


My message to you?


Relationships, family, friends, etc. They come and go. 

You are the most important person in your life. Work on being able to keep cool and then you will be able to reach for all your loved ones and society in general with more strength and determination. 


Learn the teachings of yoga. Learn that yoga is more than just doing the splits. Learn that yoga tells us the default in life is sukha (suffering) and mostly how to overcome it. Learn about yourself. Learn not to be dependent on anyone.


If you want to talk about yoga and how yoga can help, please reach to me at any time. 




Prajnananda (Marcio)



General Qualifications




Co-owner and co-founder of Yoga1 Studios

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hours Sanatan Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hours Advance Yoga Therapy Teacher Training & Yoga Therapy

Diverse workshops and smaller courses


Music & Singing


Diverse awards in Singing competitions


Voice & Repertoire, Conservatorio de Musica do Porto

- Singing

- Repertoire

- Harpsichord

- Drama

- Public Presentation

- Music History

- Analysis and Composition

- Music Theory

- Ensemble

- Choir



- Bmus Honour Voice by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama;

- Singing

- Repertoire

- Movement

- Tap Dancing

- Music Theater

- Music Direction

- Music Administration

- Electronic Music

- Music Therapy


Sung in many operas, ensembles, choirs, and solo. 

Has 3 CDs in Portuguese Repertoire





(uncomplete) Master in Cultural Policy and Management - City University


Managing Organisations

Managing People

Auditing and Finance

Audiences and Marketing

Accounting and Finance

Journalistic Module