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It is our wish to reward our most loyal clients. Yoga1 is offering prizes to the clients who subscribe to our memberships, refer us and leaves a testimonial

We are making it simple. We will add your name to a tombola and take a few names every month during our Monthly gathering. We will be live on our website and the names will be put down here on Yoga1 Social Wall. 

Check the rewards and prizes >

Join our Rewards Social Page

Did you know we have our own social networking here at yoga1? Check it out and join our groups.

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Refer a friend

We cannot thank you enough for helping us reaching further to other students interested in yoga. Did you know that you can claim 10% of their initial purchase? 

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Join our Affiliate Scheme

Our affiliate scheme is for members and non-members who want to actively sell our memberships. This can be done digitally (please be aware of GDPR law) or at their shop.

Yoga1 Rewards and Prizes​

Membership reward:

2 p/w membership - Your name once (1)

3 p/w membership -Your name twice (2)

Monthly membership - Your name three times (3)

Reference reward:

Your name once per reference.

Your name added again if they join the studio

The references must be done through our Reference Box. Click here to start referring your friends

Refer a friend >

Testimonial reward:

Your name is added when you leave a review on our website, Google & Facebook.

Leave a testimony >

Prizes are uploaded every month

These could be a treatment by our loved therapists, a ticket to one of our events (like sound healing) and more.