Host your workshops, events, clubs, etc

in  our Yoga1 Farnborough Sala (studio) 

Why not host your workshops, events and local clubs and practices in our Studio or at our Reception area?


The reception area is 6"x 6". Ideal for less private events like arts and crafts clubs, kids clubs

£12 p/hour


The studio is 10"x6". It is ideal for your yoga activities, group counselling, and related.

£20 p/h


Both reception and studio £30 p/h

Pricing open to negotiation when renting for multiple hours.

For more information, please contact us directly on our email, phone or just drop us a message  in our "Chat with us!" messaging app.


Studio 40, Farnborough

Yoga1 Farnborough is situated in Suite 1 of Studio 40, a beautiful building constructed in the 1800's. 

An old school, which is still now a place for learning and enlightenment. 

We are right at the back with our own entrance; as you approach the main front door, turn to the right and walk around the building.

Yoga1 Shala, Farnborough

The studio is spacious, full of light and prana- natural energising air!


In the evening, we draw the blinds making it a cosy warm place for our late classes.


We have a nice reception area where you can sit, talk, hydrate, or admire the quirky deco courtesy of our design yogi Emma McMurdo

Parking and Gardens

We are privileged to have a beautiful surrounding with trees and a small lake. Perfect to tune in with nature.

Customer car park is just on the other side of Lynchford Road. It's only £0.30 p/h and you can use Ringo app on your mobile. You can also leave your bicycle safe on our premises. 


YOGA1 Shala, Farnborough

40 Lynchford Rd Aldershot

Farnborough GU14 6EF

0044 7525 165 235