Yoga1 Pricing & Plans - Packs & Plans | Plans Explained

Join us for a one-off class by booking directly on our Schedule or Booking System.

If you are thinking of taking yoga and make it a routine, then we advise you to get a pack or a plan.

How many classes should I join?

It will all depends of your needs. Yoga works on all your dimentions, body, mind and personality (or spirit). You will know how many classes is enough for you. NHS recommends 150 minutes of physical activites which adds up to two and a half-hours. So, to meet these generic guidelines we have a two classes per week plan and a three classes per week plan. That said, yoga tell us that you should have a daily practice and many of us who fall in love with all that yoga has to offer we might even come to multiple classes a day. We have therefore a unlimited monthly plan.


We recommend you to mix your classes, add mindfulness, a calm class, a class focused on building your back and core strength, movement based class to build strength and our beautiful help posture classes. For more on our classes, please follow this link to the Classes Page