A few ideas on how to support our immune system at these critical times

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I thought I might share a few ideas on how to support our immune system at these critical times:

• Eating a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables, that can be easily washed well, organic if possible; Immune supporting foods are leafy greens, mushrooms, green lentils, onion, etc. Cooking French onion soup would be a great idea;

Avoiding sugary and processed food, including refined carbs, especially shop bought cakes, sweets, etc.;

• Eating garlic, ginger, turmeric, nourishing WARM home-cooked meals and drinking clove or nettle tea;

Oxygenating well our bodies by spending more time in nature, especially when it is sunny;

· The amazing Stig Severinsen, Danish Biologist and 4-time world freediving champion offers free Breath Training in Corona Crisis™ course that aim to help you strengthen your lungs and immune system - https://www.healthyandconfident.co.uk/breatheology-stig-severinsen

• You may decide to supplement with:

-Propolis (bee glue)


-Vitamin C

-Vitamin D

Studies have shown that people with vitamin D deficiency are 11 times more likely to get a cold or flu.

• Drinking plenty of water - a glass of warm water every 1/2 an hour.

• Practising yoga, meditation, EFT (tapping) or anything that might be calming for your nervous system. Don’t forget to have enough sleep too. A relaxing or defence essential oil blend can be beneficial;

Being positive – perhaps watching a comedy, calling a dear friend with a good sense of humour and having a good laugh. As stress compromises our immune systems it is very important to do our best to lift the energy and be optimistic;

• Trying to support friends and the community or asking for help if you need to.

May you and your families be healthy and positive!

With love,


Holistic nutritionist, B.Med.S (Hons)


FB: Happy Healthy and Confident

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