300 Hours or 200 Hours?

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Should I pay £3000 plus for a 200 hour teacher training or £3500 for a 300 hour?

Should I do it spread over months in my local yoga training centre or all in one go in Bali?

What do I want from my course? What do I want for myself?

300 and 200 hours are the first basic, minimum required training courses for us who love yoga and want to become yoga teachers.

These courses usually take up to a year, though there are some which take longer between sessions and can extend to two years.

The prices generally start from around £2,800's to £4,000's for both 200 and 300 hour courses.

The maths becomes therefore, very easy! Shall I pay £3,000's for my 200 Hour or £3,500's for my 300 Hour?

Over the course of your yoga career, you will be adding to your learning and teaching hours in order to increase your seniority. If you do a 200, you are finishing with lower learning years, which means you will take more time to get to the senior teacher grade. If you do your 300, generally for the same time as the 200 and, typically for the same price or £500 more, you will have more knowledge, more practice, more support and you will move up in your seniority ladder quicker.

Shall I go to Bali? Go if you want to go on a holiday or retreat, but doing a course in Bali... where do you get the time to study, practice, understand the subjects and do your self-introspection? There is so much to absorb, understand and reflect upon that it makes sense to space out your learning over a period of time rather than in one block. Do it with your local teachers, where you will get proper guidance and support in your start or change of career, and personal yoga journey.

Yoga is more than just a physical practice. Unlike other practices you might find around which is all about open and close your legs, jump jump, someone shouting at you, yoga is a self-reflective practice. This self-reflection extends from the physical to the mental and emotional fields of our self, society and life in general.

If you want to grow emotionally and spiritually, then you are doing the right thing in studying yoga. You will grow in all fields. If you wish to change your career, then yoga might be able to help you. If you want to do fantastic postures for your Instagram... well, yoga is not necessarily about that, but if you are outstanding, yoga tells us that we should rejoice with others achievements, so, yeah, yoga can help with that too!

Yoga is about your physical body, about what we now call psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, astronomy, physics, biology, geology, genetics, you name it, yoga has it all!

And all is wrapped in an excellent, easy and beautiful way for us all to understand. Or else you can do a degree separately on them all!

If you are looking for a yoga course which will introduce you to all of this, then you have found it. If you open your heart, we will open your mind.

In our course, you will learn to sequence a calm (Sthira), a movement (Kriya), poses (Asana) and a power (Virya) class.

You will learn about yourself, other people, society and even how things manifested.

You will earn about your physical body (annamaya kosha), your emotional and energetic body (pranamaya kosha), your mind body (manomaya Kosha), your wisdom body (vijnanamaya kosha) and your bliss body (anandamaya kosha).

Use your time wisely; learn yoga. Invest wisely; learn yoga.

Any questions, please drop us a message on our chat.

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