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Yoga Arambha - Beginner Class |
Yoga's Benefits |

Our beginners’ course I & II are an introduction to yoga, its philosophy and it’s practices. 


A typical 1 hour class will comprise of 10 to 15 minutes introduction, where we explain what elements of yoga we shall be studying and its practical benefits, the historical context and the modern research backing up this ancient wisdom. The rest of the hour is dedicated to the instruction of the physical practices and relaxation techniques.

Our first package provides you with the knowledge and confidence to participate in any yoga class at our, or any other studio. By the end of both courses, you will not only have an understanding of the art and science of yoga as a holistic philosophy for a complete healthy lifestyle; but also an understanding into the more esoteric, less tangible ideas of the energetic and spiritual, which make up our personality.



Beginners’ course I

4 hours


Lesson 1

Yoga, Benefits & Definition


  • The benefits of Yoga

  • What is yoga? - a traditional yogic definition

  • Yoga in a modern context


> Introduction to Jattis

> Introduction to Kriyas


concepts: yoga, astanga, Patanjali


Lesson 2

Yoga, the mother of all sciences & the schools of yoga


  • Ancient wisdom

  • Specialisation in Modern Science

  • Yoga as a package

  • Awareness


> Jattis

> Kriyas

> Poses (within the Kriyas)


concepts: Hatha, Raja, Tantra, Yantra, Mantra, Nada, Bhakti, Karma


Lesson 3

Yoga and the mind


  • 5 Bodies (light introduction)

  • Chakras (light introduction)

  • Modern Psychology


> Jattis (full)

> Kriyas (full)

> Our types of classes & its benefits

- Arambha

- Kriya

- Asana

- Virya

- Sthiram

- Cikitsa


concepts: Pancha Koshas; Ahara/Vihara; Achara/Vichara


Lesson 4

Extending life, extending Prana
  • energy & breathing

  • Macro-cosmos & our micro-cosmos

  • life, past, present & future

  • ego


> Jattis

> Kriyas

> Loma-Viloma Sequence


concepts: Prana (life force). Atman & Paratman, Ahankara, Tantra, sankia




Beginners’ course II

4 hours


Lesson 5

  • benefits of breathing

  • pranayama rhythms

  • coming back to the breath


> Hathenas 

> Pranava Om

> Shanti Mantra


concepts: Prana, Pranayama (life-force/breath expansion) & Nada Yoga (yoga of sound and vibration)


Lesson 6



  • Concentration


> Sun Salutation I & II

> poses

> yoga Nidra 


concepts: Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), Dharana (Focus) & Dhyana (Meditation)


Lesson 7 



  • Yoga as a way a life

> Sun Salutation III & IV

> Imagery


concepts: yamas & Niyamas


Lesson 8



Full class:

> Quiet sitting

> Jattis

> Kriya

> Sun Salutation

> Poses

> Relaxation

> Shanti Mantra


concepts: Ananda, Samadhi, Moksha