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Naughty Elf heard about Yoga1 Studios in Farnborough and decided to have a look around. 

After checking no one was in he went step-by-step to the rakes where he left his polished back pointy shoes.

He looked around and saw a tree in the corner of the entrance with bits of paper hanging. 

- What is it? What is it?! hum!

They were intentions and wishes from Yoga1 Students.

Elf decided to make some space for his wishes too. Naughty he took all the cards from all other students, hidden away and started writing his own wishes and intentions.

- I wish for a big car,  a house with heated indoor pool and for a private jet. I'm not doing snow . . . anymore - wrote the Elf.

- oh! and for my intentions... I intend to open my own toy and Christmas lights factory. 

Elf goes and explores the books from Yoga1. Books about finding contentment, working in oneself and be giving to others... training their body and mind through the practices of yoga!

Bah! Elf gets bored in no time!

Time to look what's after that door.

- Oh! Mats... must be the studio. Time to explore! ha ha

- What is it? What is it?! hum!... A singing bowl! 

bing, bong, bung! Ha ha! really nice!

- Let me try some of those poses I saw these weird people doing in those yoga1 videos! 

Elf, stops. He hears something! James comes to check what is going on in the studio. Elf quickly disappears. 

James is intrigued but doesn't find anyone!


- Was I hearing things - James thinks. Maybe it is true! In christmas naughty elf come to check peoples places and take the letters children's write to Father Christmas! I hope he gets our tree wishes. Our lovely children deserve it for their dedication to their yoga, their studies and from being kind to their families and friends.

Yoga1 Christmas Stories

Episode 1 - Elf visits Yoga1

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Yoga1 Christmas Stories
Yoga1 Christmas Stories

Episode 2 - Father Christmas Teaches Elf about Meditation

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Father Christmas was worried about the wishes coming from the children at Yoga1.

- Cars, houses, and private jets are big wishes with big responsibilities and not wishes of lovely children - says Father Christmas to Elf! DO you have anything to do with this?

- No! says elf! Of course not!

Father Christmas is not convinced and decides to give some yoga practices to Elf. 

- We will deal with the presents but first I need you to do something with me - says Santa.

- Sure! - replies Elf. What is it? What is it?! Hum!...

- Meditation! It's great to clear the mind, make you think about what really matters and helps you train your mind out of things that will cause you trouble.

- Surely it is better to decorate the studio with more lights! Now that's important! - says Elf.

Father Christmas disagrees and asks him to stay still and go into his own mind.

Elf, starts concentrating but he seems to be struggling to stay still, quiet and to focus! . . .


Typical naughty Elf... gets up and starts doing things. 

- Father Christmas, clearly this meditation thing doesn't work and it is better to do the lights right now! - says Elf

- No - replies father Christmas - focus, breath, sharpen and learn to your control your mind, my dear Elf.

Elf ignores father Christmas and goes on trying to put the lights without any help at the top of the high windows at the studio!. Father Christmas comes behind to help him going up. Elf is surprised and falls off to the floor with the lights blinking. Luckily he was still with both feet on the floor and was making more drama than anything else. Typical naughty Elf!

Suddenly Elf jumps and opens his eyes!

- What is it? What is it?! Hum!... Was this meditation? Where was I? Where was I?! Hum... I was in my mind!

Elf, though not saying to Father Christmas he was right, understood that meditation really works and what he needs to do things with others in safety. He decided he would not try to put the lights alone so he doesn't fall. 

Father Christmas opens his eyes and thinks... I think I got my lovely Elf to understand that meditation is here to prevent us from falling and hurt ourselves. I think he is starting to realise how important it is to sit down, think, analyse and sometimes stop doing certain things.


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