Help us save Yoga1

Dear Students and friends from the studio,

in the good spirit of yoga, especially in a moment of crisis like the one we are going through, it is my Dharma, or duty, to keep streaming online and to provide our videos for free.

I do need your help.

Please read more of my message and appeal to you below >

All your donations will be for the studio alone and neither Marcio or James will benefit from the money you are donating. If we don't spend all of your donations with rent and service charges, we will give it back to a charity or charities of people who come to our studio.

Direct Debit Donations

 I'd like to help by donating by resetting a Direct Debit 

One-off Donations

 I'd like to help by making a one-off donation 

We are looking to any government schemes and the measures will help, but without further support, we will not make it as the landlord is not helping us more than allowing us to delay our payment for a few weeks "without action".

If this is your area of expertise, please provide us with all the advice you can.

I'm extremely sad but I'm even more determined to overcome this situation.

I truly hope you are all in good health.

Please carry on your yoga daily. Do your breathing exercises, keep your body mobile and do not skip your relaxations at the end of the practices. They are essential. It is during rest that all the goodness of the physical practices happens.

I'm very thankful for all your support, even if just a message to carry on.




You have been asking about James. He is well. he is supporting his family at this time. He is looking forward for them to improve and will be back at the studio pretty soon. He sends his love and asks you to support your studio. 

An appeal for your support

My dearest students and friends from our studio. We need your help. 

I passionate feel that it is my Dharma (duty) is to carry on bringing yoga, especially now that we are confined to our houses and under a lot of pressure in our jobs and family lives.

Yoga combines practices with the purpose of keeping us in control, especially of our mind, our fears and we use our body, our breathing, our sound, therefore keeping us also physically fit and able.

I recently lost my job and all my savings and borrowing power were put into the studio. I, Marcio,  and James are not employees of the studio as the studio wasn't profitable enough to pay us a salary. We did it from our hearts and I would like to carry on providing yoga still from my heart.


But for this, I need your healp.I'm asking you to provide us with any support you can so we don't lose our local yoga studio.

I'll carry one building content for you; I'll also carry on providing at least one class a day for free on social media for others who like me lost everything and cannot pay. I don't want anyone to go without yoga and I don't want to leave people who like me lost their jobs, but not their will, to have access to yoga.

We thought on a subscription but I find that so cold that I'm reaching for your support first and hoping we don't have to deny access to others by closing our yoga and our channel; Please help.

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