Making your whole life the one event.

The very purpose of life if happiness:

in order to achieve happier days, happier weeks, happier years, happier family, happier human community...

we should pay more attention

to inner development.

Dalai Lama

What's On at Yoga1 Farnborough?

Christmas is coming and we are celebrating not just the born of baby Jesus by=ut also our first Year!

We got our keys to the studio in late December! Therefore we are joining forces with Santa and through a party with vegetarian mince pies and non-alcoholic mold wine, of course!

Marcio - who is a member of -and the choir Loveday Singers will bring you a nice evening of Christmas fun.

Celebrations of Yoga1's 1st Year will proceed in January with a small gala concert by Marcio da Rosa solo to celebrate the opening of the studio in late January.

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Christmas at Yoga1

Christmas gathering

Christmas Schedule >


Yoga1's First Year Celebrations

Marcio da Rosa & Isabel Calado:

Recital Voice & Piano >

The Loveday Singers >

4th February @ 7pm

Your Monthly Events at Yoga1

Sound Healing with Charlotte >

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month @ 2pm

Yoga Teacher Training >

Every 2nd  Saturday of the Month

Yoga1 Gathering

Every 4th Saturday of the Month @ 1pm

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If urgent, please do call James on his phone: 07739743684

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