A message from Marcio 

We aim at creating a safe place where we can work on our personal development. 

Yoga provides such simple and vast array of tools and techniques! From Hatha, or physical practice, to Raja, or meditation and inner introspection, to Pranayama, or the expansion of vitality, to the Yamas and Niyamas, or values on behaviour and conduct. You will find a practice that resonates with you. 

Yoga is "preventive medicine" and exists to help through the moments where life tests us, which is most days. These could be the decay of our body and mind capabilities; loss of our loved ones; fears and traumas; continual inter-personal challenges in our work, relationships and living in general. Yoga can help. 

Discover how we can help you by adopting a more authentic style of yoga. Yoga that deals with the whole of us and not just a vein body. 

Develop the warrior in you. Along the journey, enjoy this time of Swadyaya - personal reflection and growth. Discover your Dharma or pathway. Develop your sense of Santosha (contentment) and with lots of glimpses or Samadhi (inner ecstasy) and Ananda, or bliss - in everything that happens through our life, the good, and even the less good. 

Om Shanti, peace.


(Marcio da Rosa)


Our Promise

At Yoga1, we are committed to Santosha (Contentment).

It is our aim to help you finding this balance in life. For this we try to do our spaces as homely as we can; we teach yoga which is helpful on all our dimensions (body, mind and spirit - or personality).


We left the theological side, though we love the concepts of the multiple Gods; We left superstition, though we love checking Yantra; We left superfluous distorted practices so you can enjoy the real yoga and real life.


You will not get pills from us; We will coach you on food and Prana. We base our therapies and practices in past experience and modern research. 


All because we believe yoga is one, and that you are the one.


I have never been so fit and healthy and that's after 2 children. I have been a member of many bootcamp, kickboxing, gyms etc and yoga1 studio has given me the strenght and health I was never able to achieve at other places. the lessons are challenging but never a slogg or a session I don't want to go to. It is beautiful and clean and works with calming the mind too which for me is my only reset I get away from busy family life. I have managed to do challenging postures I could only of imagined thank you

The Farnborough Sala Yoga Teachers Team

Yoga is about a union. Yoga is always one.


Yoga1 was born of frustration with the misuse of yoga. Instead of listening to teachings which were millennia old, people have been discrediting it in exchange for empty promises.


Yoga is a set of values, a set of techniques and practices which invite you to discover yourself, deal with your self and to accept yourself. 


It is by adopting a wholistic approach to yoga...


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Our New Qualified Yoga Teachers - Become a Yoga Teacher; Train with us

We proud that our teachers have a fantastic education in the values and practices of yoga.

Our tradition follows the ancient wisdom and bridges all knowledge with modern research and a more interpretation and understanding.

Yoga isa a constant journey. It's practices are daily practices. 


Our Traditions and influences

We follow the Sanatan Yoga School, a school closely linked with the teachings of the Gitananda Tradition, India.

Our teachers are knowledgeable and high in the practices of yoga and its teachings. 

Like you and me, they are households. This helped bridging this ancient philosophy, mainly monastic, a 



Your  Yoga1

Farnborough Sala


A beautiful and simple yoga studio in Farnborough.


Your place to find vitality, calm and purpose.

Your place for yoga with classes for all stages, ages and abilities.

Your place to let go and be.


Why Join Yoga1?

A beautiful and simple yoga studio in Farnborough.


Your place to find vitality, calm and purpose.

Your place for yoga with classes for all stages, ages and abilities.

Your place to let go and be.

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