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Join us for some yoga in the Polo Fields, Farnborough

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5:45 pm

Saturdays @ 10:30 am

About  Yoga1

A beautiful and simple yoga studio in Farnborough.


Your place to find vitality, calm and purpose.

Your place for yoga with classes for all stages, ages and abilities.

Your place to let go and be.

Become a versatile teacher and each at our studios*.
A more traditional approach for your personal growth and of your future students.
Modern perspective; respectable of yoga's ancient wisdom.

Our teachers are knowledgeable in yoga, its philosophy, practices and modern anatomy and physiology, pathology, postural assessment and correction, and more.

With our courses you will learn 5 types of classes from beginner to advance. You can then choose your speciality or teach them all. You will be a versatile teacher.

Our Classes

At Yoga1 you will find a different classes which will suit your physical strength, mindset and personality.

We want to be an integrative yoga school where you can find from a beginner friendly class to the more advanced sequences.

To make sure we are not constricted by someone's rules, we have designed our our styles from the vast knowledge of yoga practices.

Every teacher adds its own elements and beauty to the category of classes in our studio. 

For the best results to your body, mind and personality (or spirit) we advise you to mix your practices.

We also have "branded" yoga in our studio. Check our schedule bellow and follow the links for more information.

Classes for all ages, stages and abilities

More than 45 classes a week.
Join our Knowledgeable teachers.
Mix your styles to get optimal results to your physical, mental and spiritual (or personality building).




5:45 pm - Yoga in the Garden (Free)

5:45 pm - Yoga in the Garden (Free)
10:30 am - Yoga in the Garden (Free)
About our Classes

All physical yoga practices falls in the Hatha school of yoga.

We decided it into levels of effort and endurance.

Bellow is a list of our core classes.

You will find some branded classes here too. Join our teachers.


Enjoy your yoga.



Our beginner class.


Slowly building strength and flexibility.


Introducing you to the breathing, physical and relaxation techniques of yoga.



Mainly a floor based practice where time and rest are the key. 


You might stay longer in a posture, or work harder and then rest more in between or adopt a restorative posture. 

Enjoy a prolonged relaxation.



Our most popular class.

This is our movement 

based class.


Its purpose is to building balance, coordination, and strength.

This is a class for all levels



The most recognisable yoga class around. 

In this class you hold your postures for longer so you master your body and mind.

To take this class you should have some practice in yoga.



Our most dynamic class.

Suriya Namaskar based with postures in between, this dynamic class is for the person who wants a bit more of a challenge. 

Prepare to sweat!

Class Schedule

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