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Welcome to Yoga1

During COVID, we had to let go of our beautiful studio, but we are still here!

By joining us, you will get the Yoga you need to get stronger in your body, emotions and mental health and you will be helping us build back our studio. 

We hope we will reopen our studio ASAP, so we can again deliver all the classes and quality yoga you deserve. 

Meanwhile, we have a reduced schedule. More information below. 

All Levels

Yoga Arambha (Start/Beginner)
All Levels

Do not rush into postures before your body is strong enough to hold them, and your mind peaceful enough to enjoy them. Start from the beginning! This is a lovely practice that helps you build your core, your balance, your coordination, strength and flexibility.

(We will have it back soon again - we hope!)

Yoga Sukham (Easy/Comfortable)
All Levels

A mixture of Yin yoga, and restorative, this practice is mainly a floor class where you hold your postures for a bit longer. Feel stretched and relaxed at the end of your class.

(We will have it back soon again - we hope!)

Yoga Kriya (Movement)
All Levels

Those who really know about yoga knows this is the original one! A class for all levels, ages, stages and abilities which help you strengthen your body as well as helping with your balance, coordination and flexibility so your body is healthy.

Monday 5:30 pm - Royal British Legion, North Camp

More classes soon

No need to
rush your

It is important to make sure you can safely enjoy your yoga classes.

You should never rush into difficult postures and hard sequences! 

Like everything we do, we need to build it up.

Remember Yoga's 3 Rs:
Rhythm, Regularity, Repetition

Progressive Classes

Yoga Asana (Posture)

Level I/II

In this class, we will put you through your favourite postures. You already require enough strength to hold your postures and enjoy this amazing class. Get ready to go upsidedown! Finishing in asana (seat) ready for meditation!

Tuesday 7:30 pm - Jetts Fitness, Farnborough

Thursday 7:30 pm - Jetts Fitness, Farnborough

Yoga Virya (Vigorous)

Level II/III

A vinyasa style class with advanced postures and more complex sequences. ​Fun, fun, fun; Focus, focus, focus!

(We will have it soon again - we hope!)

Yoga Fit (NEW)

Level I

Your favourite sequences and postures with nice modern western music. Feel the beat, feel the yoga and get fit!

(Coming soon)

Yoga Callisthenics

Level II/III

Not for the faint-hearted! This is the ultimate test! You need stamina, strength, flexibility, faith and a big smile! Do you accept the challenge?

(We will have it soon again - we hope!)

Make sure you have the right teacher for you. Who is s/he?

The person who helps you getting physically, emotionally and mentally stronger. 

The one who makes you smile, is inclusive, understand what you need and help you find your own way, your own practice, your own yoga.
Yoga1, in partnership with, brings you even more classes and yoga based therapies.

There is so much more to yoga and life than just postures! Healthy breathing, healthy company, healthy body, mind and spirit. 

There is aging with grace, hapiness and self-love. Give them a try.


Yoga Cikitsa (Therapy - Chair)

A class aimed at recovery from restrictions in our body. This class is performed mainly on a chair.

Monday 3:30 pm - Royal British Legion, North Camp

Loma-Viloma Sequence

A sequence passed through generations as taught by the Gitananda Paramparai. This is a core strength class

(We will have it soon again - we hope!)

Hathenas Sequence

A sequence passed through generations as taught by the Gitananda Paramparai. This is a class to develop your lung capacity and reeducate/raise your air volume intake.

(We will have it soon again - we hope!)

Pranayama​ (Breath/Vitality)


We take you through the 120 different pranayamas as taught by the Gitananda Tradition.

(coming soon)

Dyana​ (Mindfulness/Meditation)


More than relaxation, this class will help you develop your mental capacity for sensorial withdrawal, focus & meditation. You will learn many techniques and meditate on the big questions of yoga. 

(coming soon)

Nada Yoga, Bhajan & Kirtan (Sound/Music Therapy)

Progressing in yoga. In this class, you become one with yourself and the sound. From a relaxing sound, immersion to the lively classes where you let your spirit get alive in Japa, call and response, rhythm, love and positivity!

(coming soon)

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Yoga1 Class Timetable

Dec 11 - Dec 17














If you want to discover more about yoga, or start on your yoga training, you can  visit our sister website were we have a few courses, reading, discussions and community. 

Learning is never ending with Yoga!
We are sure you will love it as much as we do.
Become part of the Yoga1 Family.
Be a versatile insightful teacher.
A more traditional approach for your personal growth and of your future students.
Modern perspective; respectable of yoga's ancient wisdom.

Our teachers are knowledgeable in yoga, its philosophy, practices and modern anatomy and physiology, pathology, postural assessment and correction, and more.

With our courses you will learn 5 types of classes from beginner to advance. You can then choose your speciality or teach them all. You will be a versatile teacher.

Yoga1 Channel

You can join us live at home on selected classes. Special online membership available.

If you have the will power, then join one of our recorded classes. 

Mix and match so you get what you liek, when you like.