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Welcome to your Farnborough yoga1 studio.

We invite you to explore a safe place to do your physical practices and to expand your mental abilities and personal development.

What people are saying about us:

Yoga1 Farnborough

"Your Studio feels like home"

It is our wish to provide a space for the

maintenance of wellbeing and a positive mindset. 

True yoga teachings are not about

fancy spas, gymnastics, and the latest lycra fashion.

We aim at keeping true to yoga's core aims of

mental and emotional balance, will power,

self-confidence and enthusiasm, self-respect and caring, 

discipline, moral and ethical values,

a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.


Yoga1 Schedule


06:30 am

09:15 am

10:30 am

05:15 pm

06:30 pm

07:45 pm



Self-practice Marcio da Rosa

Yoga Kriya (Movement) Marcio da Rosa

Yoga Sthira (Calm) - Core focus Marcio da Rosa

Yoga Kriya (Movement) James Mason

Yoga Sthira (Calm) Anna da Rosa

Mindfulness Julie 

"Yoga has changed me!"

Yes! Yoga will touch many parts of our being. Some people come to show us how they looked when they started classes with us and how they look now; other come and confide how yoga teachings we share at the studio helped them cope with the departure of a loved one, many more come to say that yoga hs improved their mobility or helped them in their recovery, being emotional, physical

(post-operation) and dealing with trauma. 


We couldn't be happier to be of servitude.

Yoga1 Events

You can chat with us directly on our 'Chat with us!' widget. 

Just click on it and type. Nice and easy! We will reply as soon as we finish teaching! 

If urgent, please do call James on his phone: 07739743684

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