Christmas 2019

Christmas is a time for family and friends. That said, we know how important is time for ourselves. Therefore we will be open during the Christmas period, though with a reduced class plan. 

We are open on the 25th for an early  Yoga Class.

So not to interfere with our daily yoga practice (living), yoga tell us to eat sensibly and abstain from alcohol. That said we are giving ourselves a recovery day on the 26th of December and again on the 1st of January. Just in case! 

Everything is back to normal from the 3rd January

Christmas 2019 Schedule

December 23rd (Monday)

09:15 am - Yoga Kriya (movement)

10:30 am - Yoga Sthira (calm)

05:15 pm -  Yoga Kriya (movement)

06:30 pm - Yoga Sthira (calm)

07:45 pm - Mindfulness

December 24th (Tuesday)

04:00 pm - Family Yoga

05:15 pm -  Yoga Sthira (calm)

06:30 pm - Yoga Kriya (movement)

December 25th (Wednesday)

08:00 am - Yoga Kriya (movement)

December 26th (Thursday)

Recovery day (No classes)​!

December 27th (Friday)

09:15 am - Yoga Asana (Stretch & Flow)

06:30 pm - Yoga Kriya (movement)

December 28th (Saturday)

09:00 am - Yoga Kriya (movement)

December 29th (Sunday)

09:00 am - Yoga Kriya (movement)

December 30th (Monday)

09:15 am - Yoga Kriya (movement)

10:30 am - Yoga Sthira (calm)

05:15 pm -  Yoga Kriya (movement)

December 31st (Tuesday)

09:15 am - Yoga Kriya (movement)

January 1st (Wednesday)

Recovery day (No classes)​! Happy New Year!

January 2nd (Thursday)

05:15 pm -  Yoga Sthira (calm)

06:30 pm - Yoga Kriya (movement)

Yoga1 Christmas Stories


Episode 1

Naughty Elf heard about Yoga1 Studios in Farnborough and decided to have a look around. 

After checking no one was in he went step-by-step to the rakes where he left his polished back pointy shoes.

He looked around and saw a tree in the corner of the entrance with bits of paper hanging. 

- What is it? What is it?! hum!

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Episode 2


Father Christmas was worried about the wishes coming from the children at Yoga1.

- Cars, houses, and private jets are big wishes with big responsibilities and not wishes of lovely children - says Father Christmas to Elf! Do you have anything to do with this?

- No! says elf! Of course not!

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Episode 3


Father Christmas is not convinced and decides to give some yoga practices to Elf. 

- We will deal with the presents but first I need you to do something with me - says Santa.

- Sure! - replies Elf. What is it? What is it?! Hum!...

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This Christmas offer something different

What people are saying about us:

Yoga1 Farnborough

"Your Studio feels like home"

It is our wish to provide a space for the

maintenance of wellbeing and a positive mindset. 

True yoga teachings are not about

fancy spas, gymnastics, and the latest lycra fashion.

We aim at keeping true to yoga's core aims of

mental and emotional balance, will power,

self-confidence and enthusiasm, self-respect and caring, 

discipline, moral and ethical values,

a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.


 Yoga1'st Year Anniversary Concert 

 4th February 2020 

Guess who this is?!!

Join Yoga1 in its first-year celebration. 

The event starts at 6:30 pm at the Farnborough Studio for a drink and canapés and proceeds at the Methodist Church with the Loveday Singers Concert. 

The concert is free though we are collecting donations to Disability Initiative, which is run by your loved Yogi1 Lucy Brown.

Acquire your Donation Ticket at the event page.


Yoga1 Schedule


06:30 am

09:15 am

10:30 am

05:15 pm

06:30 pm

07:45 pm



Self-practice Marcio da Rosa

Yoga Kriya (Movement) Marcio da Rosa

Yoga Sthira (Calm) - Core focus Marcio da Rosa

Yoga Kriya (Movement) James Mason

Yoga Sthira (Calm) Anna da Rosa

Mindfulness Julie 

Yoga1'st Year Celebration

Marcio da Rosa & Isabel Calado in a recital

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